As the world evolves, so do we.
Get ready for a new era of experiences!

Vibeji will soon be

The one link for your digital space. Launch activities and events with ease. Express yourself or your brand. Monetize contents and manage your own community.

MVP Launch: May 31st, 2024

Public Release: June 17th, 2024

App screenshot

What will change for Hosts?

Get your own Vibe.Space
All your data on Vibeji will be auto-migrated to our new system. Your Space will be free of our branding - it is made to represent you.
Full autonomy. A to Z
Own your customers details and manage all bookings, products and service offerings as you like, without outside interference.
Instant payouts. Monetize end-to-end.
Never wait to get paid again. Payments will now instantly reflect on your linked bank account or wallet.
Much friendlier commission rate
Instead of the 20% rate like before, now it goes down to only 3% for Plus account, or 6% for Free account.
Resourceful & powerful link in bio
Your Space is like a "link in bio" that grows with you. We tailor it for creators, businesses, or just about anyone.
Ever-growing features catalogue
New features will be built as modular components which you can easily add or remove with one click.

You might have received our announcement email, if you still have questions or enquiries, please email to us at

Stay tuned. June 17th, 2024

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