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Privacy policy


Last modification made in November 2019

In order to provide the best experience to the users on the Vibeji system, your personal identity information or personal data will be collected, used, disclosed and handled within the framework of Vibeji user protection. VIBEJI CO. LTD ("Vibeji", "Company", "we" or "our") is the owner and operator of the Vibeji system.

Vibeji believes that customers have the right to know about the types of personal data we collect and the purpose of using them on the system, both on Vibeji's website and/or applications ("System"). After reading this Privacy Policy, you will be able to decide to share your personal data with us on your own. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, personal data ("Personal Data") means data that allows an individual to be identified, including, but not limited to, information such as name, contact information, address and other identifying information of users accessing or using the System, or any services provided by us through an accessible website or online trading platform from Vibeji or any signature, answers to questions for security verification purposes, emergency contact numbers or contact information provided to us when any user accesses or uses the System. By clicking "Sign Up", you acknowledge that you have read this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use (link) of Vibeji and understand the entire contents of the Privacy Policy; customer agrees and approves for us to collect, use, disclose and process Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use. Further, you acknowledge that all Personal Data that you have provided or will provide is true, complete, correct, accurate and not misleading data.

From time to time, Vibeji may revise this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in laws and regulations, Company's usage practices, System’s features and/or technological advances. If there is a revised version of the customer's Personal Data collection, use, disclosure and processing policy, the changes will be updated to this Privacy Policy and the effective date will be noted at the beginning of the text. Therefore, customers should periodically review this Privacy Policy to update the latest policies and practices from us. If you do not agree with any changes or modifications to the Privacy Policy, you have the right to stop using the System. If you continue to use the System after the effective date of changing or modifying the Privacy Policy, you will be deemed to have agreed and accepted such change(s) or modification(s) of the Privacy Policy.


Upon your consent, we may collect your Personal Data to provide our services to you when you use the System. In addition, we may also collect Personal Data for other reasons provided in the Privacy Policy. Personal Data includes the information presented below.

  1. Basic personal information: when you are using our System, we may ask you to create an account to make a booking. The collected personal data will include, but is not limited to, your name, Vibeji’s user ID and login information, email address and phone number.
  1. Specific personal information: we may collect your Personal Data based on your use of our System, for example, details of the event that you intend to participation (such as event name, location, time, event content and/or event details), interests, age, occupation, education, income level of customers, reviews, photos and other information provided to serve the experience of products/services on the Website. We may also collect certain information from you when you are using our System, such as geographic location, IP address, search options and other data. Data regarding other general Internet use.
    • Geographical location: with the consent of our customers, we may collect your Personal Data about your actual location to provide you with incentives in the relevant locations are provided on our System. We may also obtain your approximate location from your IP address and GPS.
    • Log information: when you are using our System, we may collect customer data that we call "log information". Log information may still be collected even if the customer does not create any accounts on our System. This log information may include your IP address, browser type, operating system, nationality, site access location, mobile service provider, device information, and search history and information regarding other general internet uses. We use log information to provide users with a better experience when using our System.
    • Cookies and similar technologies: we may use cookies and/or similar technologies (such as web beacons, tags-tags, scripts-scripts). Cookies are small pieces of data stored in your computer or mobile device to help us track you. Like other websites, we may use cookies to provide you with a better experience, so your computer and/or mobile device will recognize you when you use our System later. Please cancel the cookies option, if you want us to disable the cookies feature.
    • Device-related information: we may collect device-related information, including device operating system, hardware version, settings, file and software names, and type and number of device identification, device location, connection information such as the name of the ISP or mobile operator and the type of browser and IP address you use to access the System.

B. Purpose of using information

We may also collect and store your information to provide you with the best service packages that suit your preferences. In addition, we may also use customer information collected through the System for the following purposes:

  • to register for use and/or access to the System;
  • to manage, operate, administer and/or access the System;
  • to contact customers about issues relating to their use and/or access to the System and manage queries and/or requests sent by customers via the System;
  • to verify your identity or authority;
  • to customize the customer experience when using the System and improve customer experience and satisfaction;
  • to make or respond to requests, questions or directives from customers;
  • to publish customer reviews of our services and the products listed on our System;
  • to enforce the provisions of our Terms and Conditions;
  • to comply with any other Vibeji’s terms and conditions that may be specified from time to time and at any time;
  • to perform, monitor and analyze Vibeji's business activities;
  • to do marketing, advertise or promote goods and services we believe you may be interested in;
  • as part of, or in connection with, any merger, acquisition, or any other change of Vibeji's business;
  • for customer feedback and complaints or for legal purposes in enforcing Vibeji’s rights, drafting and reviewing documents, ensuring legal consultation and dispute resolution;
  • to comply with any applicable laws in any country;
  • to detect, prevent and investigate fraud, crime, money laundering, counter-terrorism financing and bribery; and
  • for other purposes which will be notified to customers at the time of collection.

We may also use your Personal Data and other information collected for:

  • digital marketing including, but not limited to, social media, display advertising, optimization of search tools ("SEO"), search tools marketing("SEM"), push notifications using open graphing techniques; and
  • traditional marketing including, but not limited to, emailing customers about new products, special offers and surveys or other information we think suits our customers' needs, preferences.

Please note that you may reject any marketing materials we may send you by following the unsubscribe instructions outlined in our marketing materials; If you choose to refuse any marketing materials, we will respect your wishes. However, please note that the marketing information, purchase suggestions and other contacts we display on our website and applications are driven and personalized based on the combined data we have collected about customers.

C. Sharing Personal Data

Your personal data may be shared with Vibeji’s shareholders, directors, employees and employees, associated companies, organizations and/or individuals (whether inside or outside the territory of Vietnam) ("Third Party") to complete the services we provide to our customers. We may hire Third Parties to use their services, including, but not limited to website hosting, data analysis, marketing, promotions, credit card transaction processing and other related services.

Subject to your location, Vibeji and Third Party may also transfer your Personal Data abroad.

Please note that Vibeji may disclose your Personal Data with the following conditions:

  • Providing information with consent: We will only share your Personal Data with Third Parties when we have received your consent allowing us to do so. We will need your consent to share any sensitive Personal Data, as required by applicable laws and regulations. By clicking the "Agree" button, the customer has established a clear affirmative action and a voluntary, specific, understood and unambiguous agreement regarding the processing of Personal Data. This may include sharing of Personal Data collected to Third Parties.
  • Providing information to the Purchaser: This happens when we sell, transfer or make other transfers involving part or the whole of a business or company.
  • Providing information for legal reasons: We may at our absolute discretion to decide to share your Personal Data with Third Parties and/or competent governmental authorities if we believe that data sharing is necessary to: i) comply with applicable laws and regulations; ii) enforce our Terms and Conditions; iii) investigate any fraud or illegal behavior; and/or iv) protect our brand, reputation and property.


When customers provide us with your Personal Data, please ensure that such data is complete, correct, accurate and not misleading. If you believe that any information we hold is in error, omission or misleading, please log into your account on the System and update, correct the information. In addition, customers should quickly update Personal Data through their accounts if there are any changes to Personal Data. If you wish to correct false, inaccurate or misleading information in any Personal Data we hold, but do not allow access to repair via the System or prevent access to Personal Data under our control, or as required by applicable law, please send your request to our contact information set out below.


You may revoke your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of our Personal Data by sending us a reasonable notice. If you wish to revoke your consent, please notify us according to our contact information presented below. At your request, we will stop collecting, using or disclosing your Personal Data, unless required by law or governmental authorities or if we have legitimate business or legal purpose to retain and use such data. Please note that when you revoke your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data, it will prevent us from continuing to provide our customers with our services and you agree that we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage arising out of or related to such termination of service. If after revoking the consent, you still decide to use our services again, you will need to click on the agree button again to confirm your consent as stated above in this Privacy Policy.


Customers may request the deletion of their Personal Data collected and processed by us, by sending us a reasonable reason. If you wish to delete your data, you should notify us according to our contact information shown below.

At your request, we will endeavor to delete your Personal Data from our system. We will stop collecting, using or disclosing your Personal Data, unless required by law or regulatory authority or if we have legitimate business or legal purposes to retain that data. Please note that by requesting the deletion of your Personal Data, we cannot continue to provide our customers with our services and you agree that we will not be responsible for Customer for any loss or damage arising out of or related to such termination of service.


As long as your account still exists, we will retain your Personal Data to provide services as needed. We will cease storing Personal Data or in reasonable efforts to delete the facilities related to your Personal Data, as soon as, 1) the purpose of collecting Personal Data is no longer appropriately suitable for data storage; and 2) applicable laws do not require data retention and/or are unnecessary for business purposes.


We will protect your Personal Data by maintaining agreements of confidentiality reasonably, including physical, technical and organizational procedures, to prevent acts of unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, processing of data or similar risks. If there is any violation of Personal Data, we will notify customers through our channels, whether directly or indirectly, to provide customers with complete information about breaching that Personal Data. After notice, we will make every effort to restore the security of your Personal Data on the System.


Our system may contain links to other related websites. However, when you have used these links to leave the System, you should note that we do not have any control over these websites and are not responsible for Privacy Policy or practices of these websites, so customers should carefully read the Privacy Policy of each visited website that collects Personal Data.


This System allows customers to create user accounts based on the data they provide. By providing data, registering and creating your account, you ensure that:

  1. You have reached the age of 16;
  1. Personal Data is complete, correct, accurate and not misleading, at the time of registration; and
  1. Customers will update this Personal Data to maintain completeness, correctness, accuracy and not cause confusion.


  1. Applicable: in the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, the provisions of this Privacy Policy will prevail.
  1. Business transfer: in the event of a change in control or ownership of Vibeji's business or corporate group, the Personal Data collected in the System may be part of the transfer of assets.


If you have any questions or requests regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via: [email protected]