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Our host verification

Wondering how does Vibeji verify our hosts? Fret not, we will be thoroughly explaining the process on how we diligently source for our hosts and ensure their credibility!

How do we discover them

Through serious and thorough research, we discover many of our hosts through digital platforms. These hosts are well researched online and offline before we make any offer for them to join us - we are pretty picky with our selection.

Definitely, other than digital platforms, plenty of our hosts were chosen through word of mouth where we keep hearing awesome things about what they are offering and cannot help but to invite them to join us!

👘 Fun Fact: A handful of our hosts were invited to join us through a homestay that our founder, Tri, was living at during his vacation to Dalat! It was definitely very unexpected, even for Tri!

Why do we choose them

Undoubtedly, we have our own criteria V.I.B.E for choosing our hosts, the criteria is specifically curated so as to provide you the optimal experience you seek on our platform!

V for Valuable

To ensure their value, we will do a thorough research on their suitability to be a Vibeji host through their experiences. Definitely, Vibeji will never invite inexperienced hosts onto our platform thus in order for that to happen, we have to ensure that they have a quality experience for the vibe they are hosting!

We also prioritise their inner values about the vibe that they want to host! As a narrative-bounded start-up, we cannot explain how significant it is for our hosts to be in line with our brand’s values!

I for Indie

We want the vibes to be hosted out of passion before it is commercialized and not the other way.

Through peer-to-peer communication with the hosts, we know exactly how they are inspired by and the origin of their passion. We want all of our hosts to have a burning passion for the vibe they are hosting! Afterall, what makes an experience good is that it comes from the heart, right?

B for Bonding

We also will ensure that our hosts must incorporate a bonding element in their experiences as we do value building significant connection between our hosts and guests.

Furthermore, it would be much more fun for everyone to connect on a deeper level over the same interests!

E for Entertaining

Last but not least, we seek a form of engagement from our hosts! In order to keep it exciting for you and the hosts, we look out for the experience’s entertainment value.

So, you will never have to worry about whether it would be fun or not, Vibeji will never onboard boring hosts after all!

👘 Fun Fact: One of our beloved hosts, Nam, has a determined passion to enhance the well-being of others with his art. He has a strong passion for using his art to convey things on a deeper level which allows him to indulge individuals in an unconventional art therapy for them to intensify their bond.

How do we connect with our hosts

In order to keep in constant contact with our hosts so that we can sustain an efficient communication between us, we do dedicate a significant part of our time engaging with them, ensuring both your and their needs are met!

Through network events like gathering parties, we do bring our hosts together, to cultivate an inspiring community so that all of us can move forward to a common goal; to better the lives of many people!

How do we check our hosts quality

We verify our hosts through 2 segments.

  • The first segment would be a thorough background check through means ranging from their digital profile to a real life conversation with them. We will ensure whatever they are offering meets the criteria, as well as, their credibility and reliability.
  • The second segment would be that we always try to send our own members to try the experience for themselves so that they could provide feedback about the experience and we will continue to improve it with the host together! With a real experience from our own members, we would be able to provide a determined verification of our hosts!

How do we maintain our hosts’ quality

We constantly maintain the hosts’ quality through a review section where you can check it out in each page of our vibes! Guests like you are always welcome to leave a rating that you think our hosts deserve after experiencing their vibes! This would show you how consistent our hosts are!

The stars never lie, try it for yourselves! :D