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Missioned to become a portal for everyone's experiential life

A union of experiences, curious minds and creators. Vibeji is a social platform that enables you to create, share and discover the most exciting activities in your city.

Meet our team
Dedicated to empowering others and ourselves to come closer to who we aspire to be!
Tri Lecao
Founder & CEO

Muay Thai & Skydiving Enthusiast, Product Guy, Saigonese & Perthian

Hoang Le Duy
Co-Founder & COO

Chaos-to-Order Nazi, Best around Ladies, Native German, Hail Vibeji

Minh Nguyen
Product Manager

Ex-Microsoft. Amazon Engineer, Cyber
Explorer, Space Enthusiast

Lennie Lam
Digital Marketing Manager

All-things-Japanese Lover,
Art & Craft Enthusiast

Thanh Hua
Legal Counsel

Love before Law, Bald & Beautiful, Taipei Lover, Secret Smoker

Sachiko Pham
Head of Corporate Experience

Spent most time on wasting papers, Big fan of a random rapper called Đen.

Eileen Zhang
Phantom from Reapra

A connection between the Moon and Earth. Tasked to nurture and grow.

Emotional Support

Infinite Supplier of Affection and Love,
Aspiring Kickboxer, Enthusiastic Barker

Join our team to empower others
We currently don't have any role open for hiring, but we believe that talents can always fit in. Founded as a culture-centric startup company, we love to bring great personalities into the team, so if you feel like you are the one, please drop our founder a line :)
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